Double Exposure on Fuji 400h

This shot is part of a larger shoot I did about a month ago. I have to keep the photos off the internet since we are hoping to get them picked up by a publication. But this one shot was just an experiment. I was inspired by one of my favorite film photographers (Wendy Luarel) who does double exposure shots frequently.  I wanted to try it on my Contax. So this was my first attempt doing that with this camera, I was happy with the results ! I first shot the model exposing for the light behind her to keep her a little darker than I normally would. Then I got as close as my lens would let me to the flowers and used them to fill her in. This was processed and scanned by my new favorite film lab, The FIND Lab in utah. They are so awesome and have amazing customer service !

contax double exposure film fuji 400h


This shot below was taken by my husband. He wanted to give it a shot as well, so this is me modeling for him lol. I like the photo above better, I think he overexposed me a little too much which softened the effect.

contax double exposure film fuji 400h


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