Fuji 400h Contax 645

The photos below are shot on my Contax 645 with my most used film (Fuji 400h). One is a frame from an engagement session we did in the mountains. If you want to se the whole shoot you can do that here Blue Rose Blog . Not all shots in that blog post are film, but hey maybe you want to check it out. The other shot below is my favorite model ever, Gia 🙂 She makes any photo look good seriously. These where all scanned and processed again by The FIND Lab, who I think I will continue using for a long long time 🙂

contax 645 fuji 400h rattlesnake ridge film

Shooting towards the sun with this lens can soften your image, but I don’t mind it. I am more into a feeling than technical perfection.fuji 400h contax 645 The Find Lab


5 thoughts on “Fuji 400h Contax 645

  1. I like how the couple are looking at each other and the dog seems to be looking at both of them. Wondering which of the happy people is going to feed him and go walkies, no doubt. 🙂
    The Fuji 400h looks nice but I can’t find it in Korea. There doesn’t seem to be any medium format negative film from Fuji in the country, only Kodak. Strange.


  2. i never thought about the dog looking at them! haha. thats awesome. I like 400h, but i have really been into using the film stocks that are a little less perfect. Getting some unpredictable grain, some slightly different color renderings… i just like it lot. So i really never shot 400h over superia. Just a personal preference haha. Mostly going for consumer films and expired films. And Portra when I need a more perfect image haha


    • I haven’t tried Superia yet, maybe that will be next on the to do list 🙂 I mostly use 400h for paid work when I am shooting clients (engagements and weddings) since I know I can rely on it. But I LOVE trying out as many films and techniques and cameras as I can. Its an adventure in itself.


  3. @marcus can you buy it online ? I always get my film from B&H or Amazon. B&H has the best prices.


    • I buy all my film online because there isn’t much in the town where I live. There isn’t really anything comparable to B&H here. It’s mostly small shops selling the same things. Oh, well. Portra isn’t a bad thing to be stuck with. 🙂


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